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I use this website to share the latest advances in the science of flexibility direct from the frontiers of research. I teach flexibility primarily through the lens of biomechanics, so you will find lots of information about that subject, too. I also share my thoughts on other closely associated subjects like anatomy, cell biology, biochemistry, histology, neurophysiology, motor control, psychology, pedagogy, business, and more. I communicate with my audience via the blog, podcast, and Instagram. Please access those resources as much as you like, and feel free to get in touch with any questions, comments, or suggestions. 

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April 6, 2022: The next intake of the Master Flexibility Trainer course starting May 1, 2022 is now open for registration. Spaces are limited and new intakes only open every couple of months, so find out more by clicking here.

April 6, 2022: Click here to sign up to a FREE webinar on how to improve your cognitive flexibility! Thinking critically by applying logic and reason to interpretations of claims is one of the skills that Master Flexibility Trainer students develop throughout their time on the course. It is without a doubt one of the more popular aspects of their educational experience, and now I'm sharing some of the things they learn with you! If you want to get better at distilling fact from fiction and not falling for yet another overhyped claim, be sure to take advantage of this great opportunity. By signing up, you will also receive free daily tips on how to improve your cognitive flexibility in the lead up to the webinar. The webinar will be held on Sunday, April 24, so make sure you don't miss out!