035: Bill Wallace's Classic Stretching Routine

passive stretching static stretching Sep 12, 2021

Since I shared my planned static passive stretching challenge (see post #033), a lot of you have been asking me to share the routine I'm using.

It's a modified version of the one featured in Bill Wallace's book Dynamic Stretching & Kicking, but I'm not going to share the exact routine because it's designed to work for me based on my current capacities and the things I need to work on most.

But it's not too dissimilar from the routine featured in Bill's 1986 Super Stretching video that he filmed with Panther Productions (that studio produced some fantastic martial arts video series!), and you can watch the whole thing by pressing play above.

It's worth noting that Bill performs the stretches more as controlled dynamic movements, which is likely for brevity for the sake of saving time on the video (he makes attendees at his seminars hold their stretches for much longer!), and I'm holding each pose for around 30 seconds currently (I plan to build that time up to a few minutes).